The Crazy Love for iPhone 5: iPhone 5 Sales Hints Over 2 Million in China

People in Chine showed their crazy love for Apple’s iPhone 5 during the weekend it launched in Beijing. Apple fans in China cannot wait to get their hands on iPhone 5. It’s reported that Apple sold over 2 million its new iPhone 5 over last three days, which is a huge deal that Apple only sold 2.1 million iPhone 4S in China till now. This is also the very first time that Apple announced it’s China sales numbers for iPhone to the public.

“Customer response to iPhone 5 in China has been incredible, setting a new record with the best first weekend sales ever in China,” said by Apple Inc.’s CEO(Tim Cook). We can’t image how many iPhone 5 will be sold in China before another new iPhone come out.

There is no doubt that China has been a very important market for Apple Inc. that it was the second one in last year. Because Apple’s China sales hit $5.7 billion in September, which is merely 16% of Apple’s global total sales. China has passed the U.S. to become the world’s biggest smartphone market.
crazy love for iphone 5Some experts thinks that Apple Inc. eventually have to turn down the average prices of it’s iPhone and to compete with China Mobile, it need to work harder. And at the same time, Apple Inc. also said that “Apple is expected to be available to over 100 countries by the end of December, making it the fastest iPhone rollout, ever.” You can see that, Apple aims higher.

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