How to Restore iPhone Photos,Contacts,iMessages without iTunes after Factory Restore?

Have your iPhone ever experienced problems loading or starting due to an application conflict or errors from iOS update, etc.? If yes, you may need to restore your phone to fix it. iTunes enables you to restore iPhone to its original factory settings, which erases all of your personal data on it. You can also restore iPhone without iTunes by using your phone’s built-in reset feature, which completely erases all your phone’s contents, too. So, do you want to restore iPhone data and files that is erased after factory restore? Here is two easy iPhone data recovery solution for you:

Solution 1. Restore iPhone Contacts, Photos, Messages, Notes  from iTunes Backup without Your Phone
Here is a Free solution to get your lost data back. The first thing you should do is to mak e sure whether you have ever made a backup for all your stuff. If you have, you can restore iPhone from backup to get your files back for free.
To restore your phone from a previous backup, connect your phone to the computer which you store the backup on. Do a right-clickon your phone and choose “Restore from Backup”. Then your contents will be back to your phone. If you have another iPhone, you can connect it to iTunes and you will be prompted to restore from a old backup.
restore iPhone without iTunesSolution 2. Restore iPhone Photos, SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Notes without iTunes
No iTunes backup? Then you may need a third party iPhone data recovery software tool to get your data back. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is the most reputable recovery software tool to recover lost, deleted or erased contacts, Text messages, call logs, photos, notes, voice memos and Safari bookmark and so on from iPhone by a couple of mouse clicks on your computer at ease. This software is featured on It provides two recovery modes to recover data from iPhone. They are “Recover from iTunes Backup” and “Recover from iOS devices”. As long as you synced your phone with iTunes before, you are able to restore iPhone lost data from iTunes. If you have never sync you phone, “Recover from iOS devices” recovery mode is your best bet! It can help you directly scan your phone and recover your files in minutes. You can choose the right mode to get your files back according to your need.
You can download it from

After updated iOS on your iphone 4, you lost all your important information? All your files gone missing due to jailbreak your iPhone 5? Accidentally deleted something important on your iPhone 4s? Even your iPhone 3gs is lost, stolen or broken but you want to get your pictures, contacts back?

With the help of 3rd party iPhone data recovery software tool, you can restore iPhone data and files in a few easy steps. But they are not free. So, if your files are important, you may give it a shot!

It’s so quick and easy to restore iPhone data! To save your erased personal data all by yourself, why not have a try! Get all your lost data back right now!

iPhone Note Recovery-How to Recover iPhone Notes That You Have Deleted or Lost

Have you lost all your important notes on iPhone, iPad or iPod? Or just accidentally hinted “Delete” on the touch screen of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Do you want to get your deleted or lost notes back?

Since iPhone popular, data loss happens a lot on iPhone, for example losing your notes. Do you want to recover iPhone notes that you have accidentally deleted or lost somehow?
Most of iPhone users don’t know how to recover notes from iPhone. Here I show you how.

There are two ways to recover notes from iPhone asily on computer after you have deleted or lost them.
I. Recover iPhone Notes You Dleted or Lost from iTunes Backup
Have you ever backed up your notes via iTunes on your computer? If yes, you can restore them from the previous backup instantly. To restore notes from a iTunes backup, right-click on your phone and choose Restore from Backup option after connecting iPhone to the computer on which you created the backup. If you have a new iPhone, just connect it to iTunes and you will be promoted to restore information from a backup.
iphone note recoveryII. Recover Notes from iPhone with the Help of Third Party iPhone Data Recovery Tool
Without an iTunes backup, there are nothing you can do to get your notes back by yourself. Don’t give up so soon! Luckily you can still recover iPhone data you lost or deleted by using some kind of iPhone data recovery tool. I would like to share with you how an awesome iPhone data recovery software worked for iPhone note recovery. Here is a detailed guide for how I recovered deleted notes from iPhone with the help of an iPhone recovery software.

Notice: DO NOT Sync your iPhone to iTunes again until you have got your deleted or lost notes back from your phone.
A good iPhone note recovery tool is called Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery and you can download it for free (from ) to your Windows or Mac computer. It can recover photos, SMS, call history, music, video memos, notes, calendars, even Safari bookmarks that you have deleted by mistake or lost by some unknow reasons. It has 2 recovery modes designed to meet all data loss scenarios of your iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs and iPod, iPod nano, iPad Touch. The “Recover from iOS Device” mode allows you deeply scan your iOS devices directly to find you personal files quickly. The “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode enables you restore information by extracting iTunes backup file within a few clicks on computer.

How to recover iPhone notes by using iPhone recovery software.
Step 1: After installing the program, run it then the main interface will appear. To begain with iPhone note recovery, you need to select a recovery mode first. Here I take “Recover from iTunes Backup” for example.
iphone data recoveryYou should know something about the Restore from iTunes Backup recovery mode. Generally, iTunes will create a .sqlitedb file that can’t be opened or viewed to back up all your personal information on your iPhone every time when you sync your phone with iTunes. And this backup file is continuously updated along with every sync.
Step 2: Select the backup file for your iPhone. Click on “Start Scan” to find the specific contents of the backup file.
Step 3: After the scan, you can check out and preview the details of your iPhone notes one by one.
Step 4: Click “Recover” to save your recovered notes on your computer. After recovery, you can import them back to your phone.

This iPhone data recovery software has a advance scanning algorithm to carry out iPhone note recovery solution easily. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge or skills to recover notes from iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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iPhone Data Recovery Tool to Help You Recover Data from iPhone Easily

If you are one of the billions of iPhone users, please tell me, do you enjoy your phone? How do you usually use your iPhone for? Taking pictures, recording videos, texting messages, reading and sending emails or just making calls? Whatever the answer it is, there is one thing in common that you have a lot of contents on your phone that you don’t want to lose. But what if you lost or broken your iphone, or maybe you have accidentially deleted some important contacts, amazing photos that you really want to get back, or even lost all your data on the phone after factory restore. Here I show you how to restore, or undelete, your lost or accidentally deleted files from iPhone.

After you realized your data is gone or missing on iPhone, the very first and important thing to remember is do not sync your phone with iTunes any more and even stoping using your phone is better. Why you need to do so for a reason. If you keep using the iPhone or syncing it with iTunes , your lost or deleted files may be gone for good.

Three Cases That You Need to Recover Data from iPhone
# Your iPhone was lost or broken (Similarly, you broke the phone so badly that it has stopped working.) and you want to recover your data on the phone.
# You still have your iPhone but need to recover data from iPhone after accidentally deleted something.
# Have you lost all your files on the iPhone after factory restore it?

Three Options to Recover Data from iPhone Easily
Option 1: Recover iPhone Data from the backup for your iPhone on iTunes
If you have made an online backup for your files via iCloud or something, you can restore your files in the same way. If you have create a backup for all your personal data on iPhone via iTunes, you can get them back easily. Simply restore from the backup. Unfortuantely, without a backup, there is very little that can be done unless you try a third party iPhone data recovery tool.
iPhone Data RecoveryOption 2: Recover iPhone Data from the Computer Used to Sync through iTunes
Actually, you can recover iPhone lost or deleted data without your iPhone and even without iTunes easily. By using an iPhone data recovery tool, you can recover your contacts, text messages, call history, photos, notes, videos, etc. with only a few mouse clicks on your computer. For iPhone data recovery tools, they are not free, nor are there any available in the iTunes store. So, you probably have to purchase one on the internet. The good news is that most of them offer a free scan to see if your files can be recovered so that you can decide to pay for it or not. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery seems to do the best job. (Read more about it: Download it and simply follow the easy steps below.

Open the iPhone data recovery tool, switch to “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” recovery mode. This recovery mode allows you to recover your previous data by extracting iTunes backup on the computer that you have synced your phone through iTunes.
Step 1. Select the iTunes backup file for your iPhone and click “Start Scan” to extract content on the backup file.
Step 2. After the scan, all your lost or deleted files can be found and displayed in categories. You can preview them one by one before recovery.
Then you can selectively mark and recover those you want by clicking on “Recover” button.

Option 3: Recover Data from iPhone Directly by Using Third Party iPhone Data Recovery Tool
The iPhone data recovery tools also can recover data from iPhone directly in minutes. When you open the program, “Recover Data from iOS Devices” is selected. This recovery mode allows you to scan your iPhone 5, 4s, 4 and 3gs directly to find files you accidentally deleted or lost recently.
Step 1. Connect your phone to the computer you normally sync. Follow the instrutions on the interface to enter DFU mode and click “Start” to scan the phone.
Step 2. When the scanning ends, all recoverable files are displayed in categories, like photos, notes, text messages, contacts and call history, etc. You can preview all your files one by one. If you want to recover all of them, mark them all and click “Recover” to save them on your computer with one click. After iPhone data recovery, you can import all your files back to your phone.

So easy to recover data from iPhone by using iPhone data recovery tool! Why not give it a shot if you think your data worths it? Just a few easy steps, you can make it!

iPhone Call History Recovery-Recover Call Logs from iPhone after You Deleted or Lost Them

Case 1. What is the easiest way to recover deleted call history and messages from my iPhone 4? Some of my texts and call history were deleted by mistake and I need some of the info for my business. Is there any recovery software on internet actually work? Thanks!

from Bobby Mase

Case 2. I did a factory restore on my iPhone 5, can I still retrieve my call history, pics and messages? I did ‘restore on backup’ on iTunes. Problem is, it didn’t have backup for my data when I plugged it in! So, I’m guessing all the files before I ‘restore it on backup’ was deleted. Is there a way to see the call history on my phone? I’m still hoping I can get them back! Please help?

from George Crafer

Recently, I recieved some emails from my readers to ask me for help with iPhone call history recovery. I chose two of them to show you the solutions.

If you have a backup for your call history on iTunes or iCloud, to restore from, that contains the call logs you lost somehow or deleted by mistake. If you want to restore from the backup, sync your phone to your iTunes account on the computer you created the backup. Simply right-click (or control-click) your phone in iTunes under Devices and choose “Restore from BackUp”. Then your call logs are back to your iPhone. This solution comes from Apple’s offcial website. You can try it freely.
iPhone call history recoveryBut what if you don’t have a backup on iTunes? Take it easy! Here is your last shot!

Though iPhone uses quite a different storage mechanism which differents from other smartphone have a external micro SD card like Samsung Galaxy S 3, HTC One, still you can recover deleted or lost data (such as call history, notes, text messages, contacts, pictures, etc.) with a third party specific iPhone data recovery software called Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery. I used it to recover deleted call logs from iPhone 4s and it worked. Even though it is a comercial product, it actually works. By the way, it is easy to use! Just a few clicks you can get all your data back. You can download it from

Here is a step-by-step guide to recover call history from iPhone by using this recovery software.
Important Note: Do not connect and sync the iPhone with iTunes to prevent data updating which will lead to data loss.
Step 1: Select the backup file for your iPhone to extract
Open the iPhone data recovery software and all backup files for your iOS devices will be displayed in front of your eyes. Select the one for your iPhone and click “Start Scan” to retrieve deleted call history from iPhone backup file.
Step 2: Preview content on the backup file
Just a few minutes, all the scanned files like photos, notes, cal history, contacts, SMS messages and so on will be shown in categories. You can preview the content before recovery. Then, choose the files you want to recover.
Step 3: Start to recover iPhone call history
Click on “Recover” to start to recover deleted call history on iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS. One last thing you need to do is to set a path to “Save” your recovered content on your computer. After the recovery, you can import your call history to your iPhone 4/4S/5 again.

That is all for iPhone call history recovery. If you have time, check out the other entries on my blog to learn more about your iPhone.

Apple iPhone 6 May Be Lower-Cost, Bigger-Screen and Comes Out In Second Half Of 2013

Do you want a low-cost and small iPhone? If so, you may be disapointed to hear the following news. New report from DigiTimes says Apple may release a low-cost iPhone later in second half of 2013, and actually make the display larger, not smaller.

What will iPhone 6 Like?
“Apple will roll out a low-cost version of the iPhone for China and other emerging markets in the second half of 2013, according to supply-chain sources,” DigiTimes said. Apple’s iPhone 6 (also rumored iPhone 5S) amy look like a Samsung Galaxy S3, and given its “low cost” to even compete with Samsung’s prices, too.

Although Apple offers a 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 and a 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, it has never offered multiple screen sizes for a single model. If Apple wants a hit, it will make a 5+ inch wider display to offer those people desiring a bigger screen another option. Apple always said the current width is perfect for one hand operation, much the same way they said a smaller iPad was only good if you had smaller fingers. So the iPad Mini is a huge hit and their next step should be a larger format phone. We believe this is about to change with the next iPhone offering different screen. I suspect that Apple will leave the “phablet(phone+tablet)” form to Samsung, but you never know. For now, it’s just a rumor.
Rumor for iphone 6
My Opinions for iPhone 6′s Rumor
I think iPhone 6 should have a larger screen, as well as a memory chip slot. The professional chats have been rife with criticism of the iTunes elimination of cable syncing for MS Outlook users. This feature should be restored and enhanced to give users more control. Apple should also give thought to app management. There should be a way to preserve access to “inactive” apps while freeing up memory. As inventories of the 4s and 5 drop, these models should be enhanced with updated electronics as they are maintained for secondary and third world purchasers.

It’s wishful thinking that Apple would include all these tenologies in the iPhone 6 rather implement them over time, but it’s certainly fun to think about.

Tricks for iPhone Users
By the way, if you are one of the billions of iPhone users, you may need a trick to recover data from iPhone after you accidentally deleted your text messages, contacts, notes and photos, etc or lost them after factory restore your iPhone.

For iPhone data recovery, If you have back up your data on the iPhone 5, 4s, 4 and 3gs, you can restore from the previous backup.

To restore data from iTunes backup, use one of the following methods after connecting your iOS device to the computer with which you normally sync:
1. Right-click (or Control-click) the device and choose “Restore from Backup”
2. If you have a new phone, you can connect to iTunes and it will prompt to restore from your backup

If you have no backup, iPhone data recovery software is your last shot! Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery works well, download it from It’s very easy to use. Just a few clicks you can get all your data back.

Make The Best Out of iPhone-Small Tricks That You Never Know for Your Phones

Apple keeps iPhone simple, so does iPhone 5. But, is it so simple? Are you sure you know well about your iPhone? There is no doubt that iPhones are great at doing basic things that stardard smartphones do like making phone calls, messages texting, taking pictures and checking and sending emails. Do you know that you can use it better than that to make our lifes more convenient and easier? Here I’ll tell you a few small secret tricks to make the best out of your iPhone.

Trick 1: Is it an iPhone 5? Yes? Do you know how to turn the LTE off to save battery life?
Go this way: Settings – General – Cellular – Enable LTE. Turn this option down and you can save more battery for your phone.

Trick 2: Just in need of a screenshot of the screen of your phone right now?
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, then press the Home button. The screen will flash for one or two second and then the picture will show up in Camera Roll.

Trick 3: Do you think the passcode to active your phone is too simple? Why not set up an alphanumeric passcode?
An password that contains alphabets and numerbers will make your phone more safe and protected. Do as follow:
Go to Settings, tap General and find passcode lock. Turn off the option “Simple Passcode” and it will ask you to set an alphanumeric passcode.
Make Best Out Of iPhoneTrick 4: Have you ever upgrade your iPhone to iOS 6? Yes? Have you heard of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature?
It is right inside the settings menu on iOS 6. If you do not want anyone to disturb you by your phone when you are sleeping on your bed sweetly, try it!
It enables you to the Notifications that do not receive phone calls at a certain time or receive calls from certain people. Well, of cource, if a person calls you more than once within 3 minutes, you will know that. iPhone is smarter, right?

Trick 5: Do you want to lock the screen orientation but don’t know how to? Look here.
Simply tap the home button twice and swipe to the right. A gray circle opposite the rewind button will be there. Tap it. It is done!

Trick 6: Do you want to change your phone’s name to make it more like yours? How about directly change it on your phone?
If you are using iOS 5 or iOS 6, you can change your phone’s name directly on the phone itseft rather than on iTunes. Follow me:
Head to Settings – General – About, your phone’s name is just in front of you, tap it and you can change it to whatever you like.

That is all for what I have knew from Apple. If you just got an iPhone for Christmas gift, try these easy tricks out and get started to know your phone. By the way, most of them will also work on iPad too!

One More Tip for You:
If you happened to accidentally delete some photos, contacts, text messages on your iPhone 5, or lose all your personal data on iPhone 4s after factory restore your phone, there is a few third party iPhone data recovery software that enables you to get them back! Learn more about how to recover data from iPhone:

iPhone Data Recovery – How to Recover iPhone Data Even If It’s Broken, Stolen

Holding an iPhone on your hand is cool and fashionable today. But have you ever experienced data loss on iPhone like mistakenly deleted contacts, photos, text messages off your iPhone 4S, or your iPhone 5 got stolen or broken? If you have, it must have put you at great panic for lssing all your pictures took by your phone, Contacts of all your business or friends, SMS etc. on it?

There is a common belief that you may not be able to recover iPhone data after data loss like the above cases strike your phone. As is known to all that iPhone uses quite different storage mechanism sine Apple release it’s very first mobile phone. Your iPhone devices are available in three sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. All your personal and iOS data is stored on the internal flash disk other than a expanded storage (iPhone even has no memory card slot) or a SIM card etc. So many people think there is no way to recover iPhone files after you deleted or lost them.

However, thanks to iTunes, which is used to connect and sync all personal data between a iPhone and a computer, data recovery is possible. In fact, every time you sync your personal data from iPhone to the iTunes on your computer, they will be automatically backed up by iTunes and saved as a .sqlitedb file, which will be updated continuously. But thisk kind of backup file on iTunes can’t be viewed or extracted without the help of third party iPhone data recovery software.
iPhone data recoveryTenorshare iTunes Data Recovery – a professional iPhone data recovery application which enables you to recover iPhone erased, deleted or missing files including images, videos, songs, text messages, contacts, notes and so on, as long as you have ever synced your personal data to iTunes on a computer. You are even able to preview the lost files before they are fully restored from the backup file of your iPhone. The software works without iTunes, simply download it to your computer and click to start scan. After that you’ll see all your contents on your iPhone listed right in front of your eyes. The software works for iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S, 5. By the way, you can get it from

Little Tricks to Avoid Lossing iPhone Data Again
1. Backup your personal iPhone data regularly. Prevention is always better than cure.
2. Get a defender case or cover to take better care of your iPhone so that it won’t be broken so easily.
3. Before file deletion, think three seconds more to make a decision. Make sure you are not deleting something you actually need.

Anyway, if you are gentle to your iPhone, it is likely to return a favor to you.

The Way to Restore iPhone Data after “iPhone Restore”

I had to restore iphone because it stopped working. How to get purchased music, video and personal photos back?

So…my iphone randomly stopped working so I had to restore it using itunes. And now all the songs I purchased on itunes are wiped from my library and iphone. I emailed apple and they graciously let me redownload EVERYTHING! :) ! How do I get them back? Someone told me that, if I had them backed up on itunes I can restore them by “iphone restore“. If they are no longer on my iphone they are most likly gone. Is it true? If not, any way to restore lost data after restore my iphone?
Enjoy iPhone
Data Loss on iPhone can happen for a lot different reasons as below:
* Software crash on iPhone that requires you to erase all data.
* Data erase by human error. (Either by mitake or on purpose)
* File get corrupted by somehow.

And while losing your own iPhone data is never a pleasant experience, rebuilding iPhone information from the backup is a reasonably simple task that might have you installed and operating again in no time.

Each time your synchronize your iPhone, the information, settings, along with other information about the phone tend to be automatically supported on your computer. If a person encounter a situation in which you need to revive, though, everything you should do is actually download this back up to your phone and you’ll be off as well as running once again.

Here is a easy guide for how to restore iphone. To start to restore your own iPhone data from the actual backup, link your apple iphone to the computer that a person normally synchronize it to that contains the backup document (in many instances, this will be your normal pc. If a person’re syncing in order to more compared to one machine, you must have backups on computers. Just choose the computer with the actual backup you want).

In the center of the apple iphone management display, you’ll see a “Restore” switch. Click that.

When doing this, iTunes will demonstrate a few introductory displays. After all of them, you’ll need to agree towards the standard apple iphone software permit. Do therefore and click Continue.

I have learn a lession from that. Now I regularly backup my itunes library on computer so that data loss on iPhone won’t happen again. But there still hope for iPhone data recovery even if you don’t have a backup for your iPhone data. Learn more for how to recover iPhone data after restore: