iTunes Data Recovery – Extract Photos, Contacts, Text Messages from iTunes Backup

Scenarios Where You May Lose Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Data

iTunes data recovery

In order to be more careful and be vigilant with data loss in the future, we need to figure out the large number of reasons that you lost device’s data. You can suffer from data loss due to following reasons:

1. Affection of virus and physical damage of device
2. Anonymous download of unrated backup application
3. Careless synchronization of your device with your PC, Mac or any other web application except with iTunes
4. Continuous rebooting of iPhone, iPad, iPod sometimes causes loss of your precious files
5. Data loss occurs during upgrading iOS software or jailbreak
6. Artificial impertinent operation and accidental deletion
And so on……

Can You Restore Data from iTunes Backup with Zero Quality Loss?

As long as you don’t disable the automatic sync option in iTunes, it will automatically generate a backup for your iOS device when you plug your device into your Mac or PC, and the backup file updates along with your every sync. So it is certainly sure and easy to restore iPhone from iTunes backup. That is, you can recover your iPhone/iPad/iPod data from the recent iTunes backup whenever the data is missing.
However, many users have no idea where the iTunes backup file is located on their computer. Here I give a list of backup location in different OS and iOS.

* Windows XP and the former
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
*Windows 8/7/Vista
C:\Users\ Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
~/Library (Collection)/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

How to Extract iTunes Backup File? – Using This iTunes Backup Extractor!extract data from itunes backup

Even through you can go to see the iTunes backup file along with the path given in the above, it doesn’t mean that you’ve really got it. In order to protect personal privacy, iTunes backup is saved as .Sqlitedb file which you can’t preview and access. If you want to access it, you may need the proper iTunes backup extractor to extract the backup from the inaccessible file.

I can recommend you a piece of such software – iTunes Data Recovery. It is designed to recover data from iTunes backup file for those unfortunate Apple users who suffer data loss.
What’s more, this iTunes Data Recovery features with humanized and user-friendly interface. No tech-savvy is needed, it is okay even you are a skill idiot, or a totally green 1. Everyone can use it without any hassle.

How to Use iTunes Data Recovery to Restore Your iPhone/iPad/iPod from iTunes Backup?

With iTunes Data Recovery software, now you don’t need to worry about deleting important messages, contacts, loving photos and so on. Needless to be annoyed with the unfortunate data loss due to Apple device stolen, physical broken, water damaged, etc. as well. Only 3 simple steps are needed to operate the great gadget.

Free download the iTunes Data Recovery before moving on. When install it aright on your computer, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Scan iOS device and download the backup file.
iTunes Data Recovery will detect the devices ever synced with this iTunes, select the device according to the name you specify it. Click “Start” to scan.
Step 2: Preview iTunes file before restoration – Select the files you need to restore.
Step 3: Start to extract your data from the backup accordingly by marking the needed ones.

1. Keep in mind to make regular and frequent backup with iTunes for your convenient data recovery with iTunes Data Recovery.
2. The restoration from iTunes backup can only restore the data since your last sync, the new data added after the last backup can’t be recovered. So if you want to recover iDevice without backup or in worse case, you don’t have an iTunes backup, please use iPhone Data Recovery to recover data directly from device. Read this How to Restore iPhone Photos, Contacts, iMessages without iTunes after Factory Restore article to learn the detailed information.
3. If you are running Mac OS X, here is iTunes Data Recovery for Mac.

iPhone Data Recovery – How to Recover iPhone Data Even If It’s Broken, Stolen

Holding an iPhone on your hand is cool and fashionable today. But have you ever experienced data loss on iPhone like mistakenly deleted contacts, photos, text messages off your iPhone 4S, or your iPhone 5 got stolen or broken? If you have, it must have put you at great panic for lssing all your pictures took by your phone, Contacts of all your business or friends, SMS etc. on it?

There is a common belief that you may not be able to recover iPhone data after data loss like the above cases strike your phone. As is known to all that iPhone uses quite different storage mechanism sine Apple release it’s very first mobile phone. Your iPhone devices are available in three sizes: 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. All your personal and iOS data is stored on the internal flash disk other than a expanded storage (iPhone even has no memory card slot) or a SIM card etc. So many people think there is no way to recover iPhone files after you deleted or lost them.

However, thanks to iTunes, which is used to connect and sync all personal data between a iPhone and a computer, data recovery is possible. In fact, every time you sync your personal data from iPhone to the iTunes on your computer, they will be automatically backed up by iTunes and saved as a .sqlitedb file, which will be updated continuously. But thisk kind of backup file on iTunes can’t be viewed or extracted without the help of third party iPhone data recovery software.
iPhone data recoveryTenorshare iTunes Data Recovery – a professional iPhone data recovery application which enables you to recover iPhone erased, deleted or missing files including images, videos, songs, text messages, contacts, notes and so on, as long as you have ever synced your personal data to iTunes on a computer. You are even able to preview the lost files before they are fully restored from the backup file of your iPhone. The software works without iTunes, simply download it to your computer and click to start scan. After that you’ll see all your contents on your iPhone listed right in front of your eyes. The software works for iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4S, 5. By the way, you can get it from

Little Tricks to Avoid Lossing iPhone Data Again
1. Backup your personal iPhone data regularly. Prevention is always better than cure.
2. Get a defender case or cover to take better care of your iPhone so that it won’t be broken so easily.
3. Before file deletion, think three seconds more to make a decision. Make sure you are not deleting something you actually need.

Anyway, if you are gentle to your iPhone, it is likely to return a favor to you.

5 Best iPhone Free New Games Resently

Here I would love to share with you a few newest Free games for iPhone. All these games were just released nearly. But bear in mind those Free iPhone games, it’s highly likely to be using in-app purchases.

Heroes of Order & Chaos
Gameloft was inspired by World of Warcraft for its Order & Chaos Online massively multiplayer game for smartphones and tablets. Now it’s spinning that off into what it claims is iOS’ first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. The idea being to pick characters and battle enemies alone, or with friends.

Dragon Slayer
Publisher Glu Mobile’s latest freemium game has more fire-breathing giant mythical monsters than you can shake a stick at. Well, cast deadly spells at, really – a stick won’t do you much good here. It’s a magic-based combat with enemies, items and many in-app purchases.

Asura Cross
Here’s a new take on the 2D beat ‘em up genre from Korean publisher Gamevil, which sees you battling a series of foes, upgrading your character’s skills in between fights, and then challenging other players in the game’s Versus mode. An intriguing sign of what may come next for famous franchises like Street Fighter in the freemium/social era.
iPhone free gamesThe Epstein Mysteries
This is a nice curveball in the week’s releases: a game from The Connected Set made for The New Art Gallery in Walsall, based around the real-life shooting of artist Jacob Epstein’s mistress Kathleen Garman in 1923. The idea being that you listen to witness testimonies, peer at letters and artefacts, and try to find clues in the Gallery itself – the game can be played there, but also at home. It’s the latest interesting glimpse at how museums and galleries can use apps and mobile games.

Littlest Pet Shop
Gameloft is making a play for cutesy freemium games at the moment, with Littlest Pet Shop following My Little Pony, Wonder Zoo and Monster Life onto the app stores. Here, you (or, let’s be honest, your children – so be on top of your IAP settings) are collecting dogs, cats, bears and other critters, then playing with them in a series of mini-games.

Do you have any of them been playing on your iPhone? Make your personal recommendations below, or give your own thoughts on these games after you played.

I’m sure that you enjoy your iPhone very well. But when disasters and accidents come, you may lose all your applications and data on your iPhone 4s. How to restore iPhone 4s data when disasters and accidents strike?

What your contacts, text messages, notes and photos on iPhone mean to you? Are they important or precious? Does it mean that we lost all our data for good? Can you restore iPhone 4 lost data?

As a matter of fact, there are a few third party iphone data recovery software available. So, you can restore iPhone 4 lost contacts, text messages, notes, photos and so on after you have deleted them by accident, lost them somehow, even your phone is broken, damaged or stolen.

For recovery software, Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is a good choice, which recovered all my deleted text messages and photos. What’s more, this powerful iPhone data recovery software is able to restore iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 3gs lost or deleted data easily on a computer. It has two versions, one for Windows users, the other for Mac users is called Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery for Mac. If you are just in need of data recovery on iPhone, don’t hesitate to give it a shot!

Read More about data recovery here.


My Four Beefs for iPhone

My friends usually seem surprised once I tell all of them that I dislike my iPhone 5. I got it pretty early since it released.

I am a long-period professional technical critic, so I’m usually inclined to find problems on things and I’m happy to do that (well, I don’t think I’m being mean :) ). And even though I know iPhone does a lot of things well and a lot of other things adequately, I’ve never been happy by using it. What are my complaints for iPhone?

1. Interface can’t be changed personally.
The user’s freedom to reconfigure the iPhone screen is extremely limited. You can make pages and move applications around on them. You can change the wallpaper of your phone. You can also make pathetically simplistic folders. Android phone puts iPhone to shame in this aspect.

2. No “Back” button.
This is theone that made me mad for a few month and can’t get it through still. iPhone’s “elegant” industrial design, limiting the physical interface to one button, might look much prettier to a certain mind set, but it gets in the way of ease of use to all of us iPhone users.

3. The un-removable battery.
The major reasons of my brother still using a BlackBerry is that the battery life is superior. When he tried the iPhone he couldn’t make it to the end of the day by a single charge. Many people make the same complaint.

4. No external storage expansion.
You are limited to the amount of storage on iPhones. Not each Android phones has a microSD slot, but a lots of them do, which means customers have the option. If you want to add storage to your iPhone, you have to buy a new, more expensive iPhone from Apple. Well, I guest that is why Apple makes so many money.Dislike iphoneWell, I have to admit that, despite all of these unpleasent things of iPhone, it performs extremely well in the other aspects. And there is no doubt that most of us enjoy it! But what if we lost our contacts, text messages, notes and photos on iPhone? Does it really means we lost all our data for good? Is it possible for iPhone data recovery?

In fact, there are a few third party iPhone data recovery software available. So, you can restore iPhone contacts, text messages, notes, photos and so on after you have deleted them mistake, lost them somehow, even your phone is broken or stolen. For recovery software, I restore iPhone contacts that I deleted by using Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery, which is a professional iPhone data recovery software that can help you restore iPhone lost or deleted data easily on a computer. Read more:

iPad Recovery-Best Way to Restore iPad Lost or Deleted Photos,Videos and Notes

Careless data deletion is what usually happens, have you ever deleted the photos took by your iPad that carried a lot memories? Whatever your answer is, just continue on reading. Here I can tell you a good news. I have found out a effective way to restore iPad lost or deleted data including photos, videos, notes and contacts, etc.. You can get all your lost or deleted files back by using a third party iPad recovery software called Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery. It works not only for iPad, but also for iPhone and iPod. Completely suporting the latest version for iTunes 10.7 iOS.

Here is a step by step tutorial to restore iPad data you lost or deleted somehow both on Mac and Windows. And what you need is the iPad data recovery software, for Mac users, Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery for Mac is right for you. In this guide I’d like to take an example for Mac users to restore iPad deleted photos on a Mac machine.
iPad data recovery
The very first thing to do is to download the iPad data recovery software for free (from launch it on your Mac computer.
Firstly, Connect your iPad to Mac. Select the backup file of your iPad devices you want to recover data from.
Secondly, Click “Scan” to start scanning your iPad, the time it takes depends on how much content the backup file contains. With this step, this iPad data recovery software is able to bring back all your deleted or lost photos, videos and notes, etc..
Then next, you need to choose the files you want to restore (You are even able to preview the recovered files as well.) and click “Recover” to start recovering deleted photos on the iPad.
Last but not least, you need to set a target folder to “Save” your files in the pop up window. After finished, you will get back all your deleted photos you want to recover.

So, if you are just in trouble of data loss on iPad, just try the above iPad data recovery solution for how to restore iPad lost files. Have no worry about losing your iPad data and enjoy your digital life freely!