iPhone Contacts Recovery – How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS on Windows and Mac OS X

” I opened contacts and there were no contacts to display. My iphone 5 has deleted all of them, I had done nothing, no syncing, nothing involving icloud, it just did this for no apparent reason.”

Lost iPhone contacts? Don’t be upset, once searching from Apple discussion forums you may see it happens all the time. Nevertheless, we have to find ways of retrieving deleted contatcs, for prevent bigger loss. Here are 3 solutions I’d like to share.

1. Restore contacts from iTunes backup

If you have backed up iPhone before deleting contacts, now you can restore contacts from iTunes backup. Here are the steps:
1. Open iTunes on your computer.
2. Plug in your iPhone to your computer just as you would to sync it normally.
3. Locate the iPhone at right-top of the iTunes application window.

locate iphone from itunes window

iPhone iCon on iTunes

4. Click “Restore Backup” to restore your iPhone from previous backup. (Note: restoring will earase all your current data and settings.)
restore iphone contacts from itunes backup
5. Eject your iPhone and review the Contact list on your device. All lost contacts should be restored to your list.

2. Extract iPhone contacts from iTunes backup

If you don’t want to restore iPhone from backup (since you probably will loss current data including photos, text messages, contacts, etc.). In this case, the best choice is extracting lost contacts from iTunes backup files.
1. Free download iPhone contacts extractor.
2. Load iTunes backup files. Normally, the program will detect backup files on your computer automatically.
3. Preview all contacts information included in backup, and select which to be recovered.
4. Click “Recover” button and save contacts to your computer.

iphone contacts extractor

iphone contacts extractor

3. Recover deleted iPhone contacts without backup

If you never backed up your iPhone, you still can recover deleted contacts without backup. iPhone contacts recovery software can help you get back lost contacts, photos, call history, notes and other files without backup.
1. Free download iPhone contacts recovery.
2. Select “Recover Data from iOS devices”. If you are using iPhone 4/3GS, you need to enter DFU mode first, if you are using iPhone 5/4S, just follow the instruction to scan your iPhone.
3. Preview all contacts information included in backup, and select which to be recovered.
4. Click “Recover” button and save contacts to your computer.

iPhone contacts recovery

iPhone contacts recovery

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iPhone Contacts Recovery-Recovering Deleted Contacts from iPhone 3G/4S/5 Effortless

How to recover iPhone contacts I lost without backuping everything via iTunes?
Hello everyone. I bought a iphone 4s a couple month ago and it seems buggy after i installed a lot of games and apps. I had to restore the phone into factory settings. But I lost all my contacts and notes. Is there a way for me to recover all my contacts on it? i remember using itunes and icloud, is it possible to get them back via iTunes or something?

Apple has make a backup file for every iOS devices generated via iTunes. Once you’ve synced your iOS device with iTunes, this backup file will be autimatically generated, and continuously updated every time you sync. It’s really a good method to help you backup your previous data, but it’s a double-edged sword-you can’t access this backup file or extract anything from it.
iphone data recoveryTherefore, to recover all your lost iPhone contacts, you need to extract the backup file first. However, to extract the backup file, you need an specialized-designed iPhone data recovery software. If you’re still not clear about it, Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is the best assistan can help you, a reliable and intuitive program that enables you to recover lost, deleted, missing iPhone contacts, SMS messaages, notes, calendar, notes, photos and call history. You can extract them from the backup file to your computer or even back to your phone, so you can read and edit.

Follow the below steps to recover deleted contacts from iPhone.
1. Extract your iPhone backup file to get your contacts back
Let’s do it with Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery software.
At first, run the software on your Mac machine after installing it(By the way, you can download it from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/itunes-data-recovery.htm), then all backup files of your iOS devices will be found and displayed in the interface. Choose the one for your iPhone. If there are more than one, select the latest one and click “Start Scan” to get the detailed content.

2. Recover iPhone contacts you lost or deleted and save them
Tick “Contacts” in the left side categories and you can preview all details of your contacts. Click “Recover” to continue. Then “Save” them all to your Mac machine with one mouse click or you have option to extract them back to your phone, too.

Therefore, backing up all your iPhone data is very important, no matter you’re using iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or even iPhone 5, and it only takes you a few munites. Do backup your iPhone regularly. But in other word, you hav no need to worry about iPhone contacts recovery, also.