Strategies for Reporting, Tracking Stolen iPad, and Recovering Data from Stolen iPad

I have had my iPad stolen. I am pretty sure that the push notifications are on. It is not locked and I do not have any sort of app on the iPad already that will find the location. Is there any way that I can still find it somehow? Some data in my iPad means a lot to me, and I’m urgent to get it back.

Have you ever met with the similar misfortune? It seems to be a universal phenomenon that iPad users had his iPad stolen. If you’ve had the unfortunate luck to have your iPad stolen, your initial response probably is how to report and track stolen iPad, and the reasons why you want to find your iPad most likely that the iPad is your precious property or that you can’t lose some important files in your iPad. Therefore, today our topic is stolen iPad recovery

stolen iPad recovery

Issue 1. How to report a lost or stolen iPad?
There are 2 approaches for reporting, report to the police or report to an online site.
You can make a telephone call to the police department with jurisdiction over the area in which the iPad theft occurred. Give as many important details about the iPad to the police as you can when the police ask you questions about the theft. The police will give you a case number which can be used to report the iPad theft to your insurance company and to follow-up with police.
The other way is to report your lost iPad online. Sites like can track stolen goods through pawn shops and others.

Issue 2. It is possible to track my stolen iPad?
Currently you can’t directly contact Apple about your stolen iPad because Apple does not have a product for tracking stolen property. However, if law enforcement recovers an Apple Product they know is lost or stolen they can contact Apple Corporate Security directly to notify you using your device serial number and all your contact information.

Get your device serial numbers following the three steps below:
1. Go to My Support Profile*.
2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
3. View your purchases in “My Products”.

Issue 3. Can I recover data from stolen iPad?
After reporting and tracking your stolen iPad, what you can do is wait, wait and wait… However, day after day, you haven’t got any notification. You lose hope to get back the iPad. What you most loathe to give up is the data in your iPad. It is a pity to lose the precious photos, notes or videos etc.

There is actually a way for you to recover iPad data. The premise is you have backup your iPad data with iTunes. The iTunes backup file is a kind of shapeless file that you can’t see it, so you need iPad data recovery software to extract it. Tenorshare iPad Data Recovery is such a tool that enable to recover iPad Notes, SMS, Contacts, call histories, photographs, films, voice memos and other data. I had this happen to me when my iPad was stolen one month later. Thanks to Tenorshare, I got my important files back. Want to learn how great Tenorshare iPad Data Recovery works, visit

When you’ve read up to here, you have grasped how to report, track and recover data from stolen iPad basically. But I hope you never use these ways and means.

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