How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPad 4, 3, 2 and iPad Mini with Clicks?

You may lose pictures you took with your iPad either by accidently deletion(probably deleted them and clean the trash), or photo loss due to iPad factory restore. Are you wondering if it is possible to get deleted photos back from iPad? If yes, then you have came to the right place!

Though iPad and the other Apple products like iPhone and iPod use quite a different storage mechanism, still you are able to retrieve deleted or lost data and files (including photos, video memos, contacts, messages, notes, etc.) easily.

Here are two options to recover deleted photos from iPad or retrieve pictures you lost after iPad factory restore.
First Option: Restore from Backup on iTunes
If you have backed up your personal data on iPad before, you can restore from a prvious backup easily.
First, make sure that the computer is the one that you have made a back up for your iPad on. Next, login in your iTunes account and right-click (or control-click) your iPad under device management and choose “Restore from Backup”. By the way, if you have a new iPad, you can connect to iTunes and it will prompt to restore from your backup, too.
This option is straightly from Apple’s official website. It won’t help if you don’t have backup for your photos. That’s why you should backup everything on your iPad regularly, including pictures, video memos, music, notes and so on.

If that worked, you have no need for the second option. If not, go head.
iPad Photo RecoverySecond Option: Recover Deleted iPad Photos from Backup File on Computer by Third Party iPad Photo Recovery Software
If you have no back up for your data and files on a broken or stolen iPad, I’m afraid you have to pay for a third-party iPad photo recovery software to recover them. By using an iPad data recovery software on the computer (which you normally sync with), you can recover deleted iPad photos without iTunes and even without your iPad itself. You therefore need to run an iPad ata Recovery software quickly enough to get back all of your deleted or lost pictures. Here I recommend you one professional one: Tenorshare iPad data recovery. By using recovery software, you can recover your lost data from the backup file on computer or from iPad itself in few seconds.

Look how to recover deleted pictures from iPad by using recovery software in three easy steps:
1. Free download the iPad photo recovery software from and install it to your computer, which you have synced the iPad with.
2. Open the program and all your iOS devices will listed there. Select your iPad and click on “Start Scan”. This will take a while.
3. After the scanning, all your files on your iPad will be in front of your eyes. Preview to choose the ones you want to get back and click on “Recover”. After the process has completed and the iPad’s photos will be saved to your computer. When the photo recovery, you can import your photos back to your iPad.

Oh and using the free version isn’t too bad really. I know recovered files needing to be imported back to iPad sucks but I gave it a shot last night just to see how long it would take and it wasn’t bad. It took me a few minutes. Even though it is not free, but like I said, How important are those photos to you?

That’s it ! you should now have all your photos back to prevent photo loss in future.

Read more about iPad Photo Recovery from this video guide

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