How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone:Small Tricks to Get Your Deleted Pictures Back

If you take full advantages of your iPhone for taking photos, the worest things that may happen – sometimes you delete some amazing photos on your phone by accident or when you try to update to iOS 6, sync to iTunes, you erased all the pictures you took. Do not panic too soon! You are probably able to recover deleted photos from iPhone or get your lost/missing pictures back! They are not lost for good!

But if you are old school, things will be much easier with iTunes or iCloud as long as you have a backup for your photos. You can restore from a previous backup and retrieve your deleted photos in minutes.

Here is two easy and effective ways for how you can get your photos back from iPhone.
# Option 1: Do it in an old-fashion way – Restore from iTunes Backup
# Option 2: With iCloud in Town, Retrieve Your Deleted Pictures Easily
# Option 3: To Recover Deleted Pictures from iPhone by Using 3rd Party iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Option 1: Recover deleted Photos from iPhone via iTunes Backup:
Chances are, you backed up your iPhone in iTunes the last time you plugged it in. If this is the case, you’re in luck.
Step 1. Plug your phone to the computer using the USB connector cable and open iTunes.
Step 2. Go to “Devices” on the left-side of the iTunes program and click the icon for your phone.
Step 3. Right-click on the phone in the “Devices” and select “Restore from Backup” option. Choose the backup for your phone. Click the “Restore” button. This will restore any files including contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, etc. that you may have deleted since the last time that you synced your iPhone with iTunes.
Step 4. Eject your iPhone. Go to your contact list. Your lost contacts should be restored.
recover deleted photos from iPhoneOption 2: Retrieve Deleted Pictures from iPhone via iCloud Easily
Nowadays, not so much people would choose iTunes backups but iCloud. Because iCloud makes it easier to keep you contents on the iOS devices safe. As long as you have actived iCloud, all your lost data and files are still on your iCloud account. To check it out, you just need to login your Apple ID and password on iCloud’s official site to view your contacts, imessages, etc. To restore information from iCloud, you need to do:
Step 1: Go to Settings -> iCloud on your phone and turn off the Contacts.
Step 2: Then you will see a message and select “Keep on My iPhone” option.
Step 3: You need to turn on the Contacts again and tap “Merge”. Sit back and wait for a few minutes then you will see your lost or deleted photos are back on your phone. If it doesn’t work, just deleted your iCloud account and add it back to do the above steps all over again.

Option 3: Retrieve Deleted Photos from iPhone with the Help of iPhone Photo Recovery Tool:
What if you have no iTunes backup or didn’t active iCloud? Is there any way to get your deleted pics back? You’re are in luck. There are some 3rd party iPhone photo recovery software tools that are able to retrieve things such as contacts, text messages, photos that you have deleted by accident or lost somehow from iPhone on Macs and PCs. You would need to find a iPhone data recovery software tool. They may not be free. I have tested Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery (Download it here) and it worked well. You may give it a shot!

In the future, I highly suggest you back up all your stuff on iPhone to iTunes or iCloud, at least use something like Dropbox or Google Drive. With so many free data backup options out there there’s no reason not to use one to prevent data loss.

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