iPod Data Recovery – Two Methods to Recover Data from iPod with Ease

You may be one of millions of iPod users that enjoy music by using iPod at some moments. I’m sure that you have thousands of songs and videos on your iPod. iPod make it easy to put all your media files on one handy device and then play them anywhere you want. Problem comes when your iPod doesn’t work, and takes all your data on it. Since it can take weeks or months to transfer all your files to the iPod again, giving up and starting over usually is not an option. You’re in luck, there are two ways to recover data from iPod.

If you are used to buy music and videos from iTunes store, iPod data recovery is a simpler task. However, this way will not be able to get back any things that were not purchased or downloaded from Apple store. This way works not only for iPod but also iPod Touch.
Step 1.  Connect the iPod to your computer (the one your have synced your devices into) via USB cables and open iTunes.
Step 2. If iTunes prompted to sync the device, click “No” or hold down “Shift + CTRL” (if you are on a Mac machine). What will happen if sync your iPod? your iPod data may be overwriten and can’t be recovered which you don’t want it happen.
Step 3. Make sure that your computer is authorized. Go to iTunes Store and select “Authorize Computer” option.  Enter your iTunes account user name and password at the prompt.
Step 4. In iTunes, go to “File” and select “Transfer Purchases”. Choose the same option in the popup. Then iTunes will transfer all your purchases on the iPod back.
iPod Data RecoveryIf you have tried the above way and believe that some iPod data are still missing, there are some iPod data recovery software that can help you get your lost music, videos and so on back. However, seldom software works for iPod Touch since it cannot be mounted as a drive on your computer. Then Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery may be the best option for you. It works for iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod classic and also iPod Touch.

Here is easy guide for how to use this iPod data recovery software to recover data from iPod.
Step 1. Do not connect or sync your iPod with iTunes before data recovery for iPod. Launch Tenorshare iPod Data Recovery (from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/ipod-data-recovery.html) and choose the backup file of your iPod.
Step 2. Go to “Start Scan”, and move on.
Step 3. After the scanning, all the content in the previous backup file will be extracted. Hit on the “Recover” to get all your files back.
Step 4. One last thing you need to do is to set a target folder to “Save” them onto yoru computer. Now, everything is done here.

See, it is just a piece of cafe to recover data from iPod after data loss strikes.

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  1. If you have lost your music files from iPod and there is a question teasing you that is how to recover music from iPod? So you can make use of a recovery tool, that are available online in order to recover music files from iPod.

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