iPhone Contact Recovery-What should I Do if Lost Contacts on iPhone?

How to recover iPhone lost contacts without iTunes backup?
I got a new iPhone 4S today and and the person in the store transferred all the numbers from my old iphone to the new one. When I back home My partner and i plugged my own phone directly into iTunes also it asked myself to restore to my personal settings , I just assumed it would put my personal pictures and also music upon , but removed all my own contact numbers. And because it’s a fresh new phone, i have never backup the phone. When I lost my iPhone contacts, what should I do to get them back?

When I have any difficulty that We wanna know the answers. Next Google will be my finest assistan to help my fingure all of them out! To begin with, I tried to search “Lost contacts on iPhone” on Yahoo to try to find more information to help. Some folks said there are a few iPhone data recovery software available on the net, which can recover misplaced, deleted photographs, messages, contacts, call history and notes, and calendar from iPhone with ease! Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery surprised me! It restored all my personal photos in mere minutes and a few mouse clicks! That is amazing!iphone-5Follow the below operation to get all your lost iPhone contacts back.
The first and most important thing is to make sure that your iPhone doesn’t automatically sync with iTunes when connected.
Step1. After downloading and installing the iPhone contact recovery software, launch it on your Mac, and you’ll get the backup file for your iPhone. Choose the iPhone device where you’re going to retrieve your lost iPhone contacts, and click “Start Scan” to look for the content.
Step2. You’re at the last step now. Choose “Contacts” among the items on the left after the scanning, and you can get all your deleted, lost or erased contacts on your iPhone. Click “Recover” to save them all on your Mac OS X baesd on computer with one click. You are even able to export my photos to my iPhone again. What’s more, you can preview and recover photos, videos, contacts, SMS, notes and calendar with this iPhone data recovery software as you like.

Note: Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery also be able to direclty scan and recover contacts, photos, notes, text messages, videos, calendar and call history from iPhone 5/4/3GS. Download it from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/itunes-data-recovery.htm

No one may be pleasant to lose contacts on their phone. If you have suffered such a unfortune thing, hope the above guide may help you recover iphone lost contacts.

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