Any iPhone SMS Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone?

Apple iPhone is the most popular portable mobile phone used among people all around the world these years. It’s a perfect device to enjoy songs, videos and pictures, communicate with your friends and families frequentely. But if you accidentally lost your data on iPhone, like text messages, what can you do? Just give up to getting them back? But if all your sms messages are important to you, are you going to send your iPhone to Apple Support center in order to get the deleted messages back? No, you don’t need to do so and in fact, they even can’t help at all. You can simply recover deleted sms messages from iPhone with certain iPhone data recovery software, such as Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery.

What is iPhone SMS recovery software?
Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery software is a powerful iPhone sms recovery tool to recover lost or deleted text messages from your iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 or other idevices, like iPod Touch, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad 3 and the new iPad on Mac OS 10.5 or higher including Mac OS X 10.8 Moutain Lion. You can get it from
iphone sms recoveryHow Easy Is It to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone by using third-party utility?
It’s simple to recover deleted text messages from your iPhone devices with this iPhone sms recovery program. You only need a couple of steps to finish the recovery of sms messgaes from your iPhone.
Step 1. Launch the application and sync iPhone with your Mac machine(be aware! do not auto connect your device with iTunes!);
Step 2. Simply click iPhone and then the “Start Scan” button;
Step 3. After the scan process is finished, you are able to see all your deleted sms messages in the main interface;
Step 4. Tick the text messages which you want to get back and press “Recover” button;
Step 5. When a prom window pop up, set a destination to “Save” your recovered messages.

That’s all the steps for how to get back deleted text messages on iPhone.

Video demo

4 thoughts on “Any iPhone SMS Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone?

    • Yes, take it easy. You can easily get all your contacts back by using Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery. Just download it and give it a shot!

  1. Here’s the thing. My dad tried to sync the iphone with an imac laptop, but somehow for an unknown reason, all the data from the iphone got wiped out. Any suggestions as to what happened, and can we recover the data?

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