Rumors of iPhone 5S Screen Design

Brand New iPhone 5S Spy Exposure, Arc Screen is Adopted in Design

Since the release of iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S rumors are constantly flying around. It also illustrates the popularity of Apple product. The well-known abroad website phonearena exposes the iPhone 5S latest photos.

According to the spy exposure, iPhone 5S has changed the edges and corners of the design, what is adopted instead is the arc style which is similar to the Nokia 920 and screen is designed in arc style as well. And more striking news says that the “Home” button has been removed. This authenticity remains to be confirmed.

iphone 5s screen rumors

iphone 5s screen rumors

Combining lots of news before, the new generation of the iPhone is most likely to be named iPhone 5S which is packed with Megapixel camera and A7 processor and will use fingerprint sensor technology and wireless Internet access. Maybe the new iPhone will be called iPhone 6. So who can determine that except the Apple themselves?


What Are the Differences Between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5?

iphone 5s data rercovery

iphone 5s data recovery

However, from past experience, the appearance of iPhone 5S processing should continue the design of iPhone 5 just as what is to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. What will be changed is only the hardware upgrade. But given that Apple has admitted to redesign the iOS, then accompany the new iOS to a new iPhone? Let’s wait and see.



What If Your New iPhone 5S Suffers Data Loss?

recover iphone 5s data

iphone data recovery

It seems too early to discuss this question because iPhone 5S has not released yet and even when to is not definite. But it’s always wise to be cautious in advance. Mistakenly deleting important files from your iPhone can’t be avoided as to every one of us. I just hope you won’t be panic and annoyed when such accidents happen. We have remedies indeed. If you are going to own an iPhone 5S, please keep in mind that there is still iPhone Data Recovery protecting your data safety all the time.

iPhone 5s data recovery is not a hard thing and you never need to worry about your iPhone 5S data loss thanks to today’s smart iPhone data recovery softwares.

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