iOS 11 Battery Drain Fix

“My iPhone get battery issue after upgraded to iOS11, the phone often shuts down when i’m on the phone with my client and need it to pay…But the battery shows 50% of the charge! Please give me some advice!!”

Battery drain issue is a important problem for every phone. Once your phone has such problem it will bring you great inconvenience. Many iPhone users complained they are now experiencing poor battery life on iOS11. But don’t worry it, here i gonna provide some useful methods for you.

Way1: Common ways to fix iOS11 Battery Darin issue

1.Turn Off the Six Functions
Dynamic effects
Positioning service
Wi-Fi assistant function
Important place features
Automatic data acquisition
Background application refresh

2.Check For Software Updates&Bug Fix Release
Apple will update the iOS version to fix bugs, which may be related to device battery life. So be sure to check for an available software updates to the iOS operating system by going to Setting >> General >> Software Update.

If you think iOS11 not only made iPhone battery have poor life, also made it run slowly.
The better way is downgrade your phone to iOS10.3.3, there are some instructions for you.

NOTE: Please backup your data before downgrade

Download iOS10.3.3 IPSW file on your computer.
Connect your phone to computer, open iTunes and click the little phone logo
Click Check for Update option under the summary section

NOTE: Mac users need press Option + Click Check for Update
Windows users press Shift + Click Check for Update

Choose iOS10.3.3 version to update and wait for it finish.
little device logo

Way2: Use ReiBoot to fix the problem

Things turn to simple when you choose to use ReiBoot. It support all iPhone model and only few clicks can help you solve every iOS problem, steps as below.Download reiboot on your computer.

Conncet your device to computer and open ReiBoot, product will recognize your device automatically.
Connect phone

Click Fix All iOS Stuck, choose disk path to download file(Generally is default)and start to repair.
click Fix all iOS Stuck

Hope this article can help you solve your problem!
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