Make The Best Out of iPhone-Small Tricks That You Never Know for Your Phones

Apple keeps iPhone simple, so does iPhone 5. But, is it so simple? Are you sure you know well about your iPhone? There is no doubt that iPhones are great at doing basic things that stardard smartphones do like making phone calls, messages texting, taking pictures and checking and sending emails. Do you know that you can use it better than that to make our lifes more convenient and easier? Here I’ll tell you a few small secret tricks to make the best out of your iPhone.

Trick 1: Is it an iPhone 5? Yes? Do you know how to turn the LTE off to save battery life?
Go this way: Settings – General – Cellular – Enable LTE. Turn this option down and you can save more battery for your phone.

Trick 2: Just in need of a screenshot of the screen of your phone right now?
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, then press the Home button. The screen will flash for one or two second and then the picture will show up in Camera Roll.

Trick 3: Do you think the passcode to active your phone is too simple? Why not set up an alphanumeric passcode?
An password that contains alphabets and numerbers will make your phone more safe and protected. Do as follow:
Go to Settings, tap General and find passcode lock. Turn off the option “Simple Passcode” and it will ask you to set an alphanumeric passcode.
Make Best Out Of iPhoneTrick 4: Have you ever upgrade your iPhone to iOS 6? Yes? Have you heard of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature?
It is right inside the settings menu on iOS 6. If you do not want anyone to disturb you by your phone when you are sleeping on your bed sweetly, try it!
It enables you to the Notifications that do not receive phone calls at a certain time or receive calls from certain people. Well, of cource, if a person calls you more than once within 3 minutes, you will know that. iPhone is smarter, right?

Trick 5: Do you want to lock the screen orientation but don’t know how to? Look here.
Simply tap the home button twice and swipe to the right. A gray circle opposite the rewind button will be there. Tap it. It is done!

Trick 6: Do you want to change your phone’s name to make it more like yours? How about directly change it on your phone?
If you are using iOS 5 or iOS 6, you can change your phone’s name directly on the phone itseft rather than on iTunes. Follow me:
Head to Settings – General – About, your phone’s name is just in front of you, tap it and you can change it to whatever you like.

That is all for what I have knew from Apple. If you just got an iPhone for Christmas gift, try these easy tricks out and get started to know your phone. By the way, most of them will also work on iPad too!

One More Tip for You:
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