How to Sync Bookmarks from iCloud to iPad

“ How do i sync my Bookmarks from iCloud to iPad or iPod, iPhone? I have more than a hundred bookmarks in it, should i manually enter the address of each website? ”

Most of us prefer to save useful content on web by using bookmark. However we usually gather bookmarks on the device that we use it frequently. What if you need one of Bookmarks on your work computer or other Apple devices, what should you do? Get ways to sync bookmarks from iCloud to iPad by following this comprehensive article.

Part 1: Sync Bookmarks from iCloud to iPad on your iOS device
Part 2: Sync Bookmarks from iCloud to iPad on your iOS device
Part 3: Sync Bookmarks from iCloud to iPad on Your Windows

Synchronization conditions:

1.Use the same iCloud account and login it on your iPad.
2.Make a copy of your Bookmarks in case lost it
3.Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 or higher, windows 7 or higher(With iCloud and iTunes in it.)

Part1: Sync Bookmarks from iCloud to iPad on Your iOS device

For iOS 10.3.3 or higher users, click on Apple ID profile(Top list) in settings to find iCloud section. For iOS 10.2 or below users, click on settings and find it in the list then tap on you will enter another list, find Safari or other browses and toggled on the buttons. These steps should both done on your iPhone and iPad.

selection guide

Part2: Sync Bookmarks from iCloud to iPad on Your Mac

Find System Preference in Apple Menu, select iCloud then an options box will pop up on the screen and choose the option of Safari or other browsers which contains bookmarks. If it has been done, all the bookmarks will be synced to your iPad. Now all selected browsers bookmarks will sync to your iPad.

safari options(1)

Part3: Sync Bookmarks from iCloud to iPad on your Windows

First of all, you need to download auxiliary tool which named iCloud for Windows on your PC. After installation, login your iCloud account and you are able to sync all browsers bookmarks now. You can see “Bookmarks” option in iCloud, tap on it and start to sync the bookmarks from the browsers.

icloud for windows

By following this tutorial, i believe you already learned how to sync iCloud bookmarks to iPad from iPhone, Mac and Windows. But i have to say there also have another convenient way by using Tenorshare Data Recovery. With few clicks to sync your bookmarks from all browsers on Windows or Mac. If you like this article please don’t forget share it with your friends and family. Thank you very much!

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