Downgrade From iOS 11.2 to Previous version

Since Apple came out iOS11.2 version I’ve heard many complains from my friends and family.
After updated to iOS11.2, not only iPhone running slower but also it became very power consumption. To be honestly, i can’t stand these things happen to myself. When it comes to bad things, there are bound to be good aspects. iOS11.2 compare to the previous version it Improve the overall stability of the phone and the one thing interested me most is that support real-time text (RTT) calls designed for hearing impaired people.Anyway, if you are iOS11 Loyal fans, here i’m gonna show you how to downgrade from iOS11.2 to previous version and something you should know before downgrade. Keep reading to check them out with me.

Kindly Reminder: Before downgrading to the previous version there are something you should know

First, you need to bakcup your data. Once you downgrade to previous version all your data will erased, if you have many precious photos or privacy data don’t remember to backup on iTunes or iCloud.

Second, check to see if there have available version meet your needs. Because Apple has not singed some previous version anymore.

Third, Download iOS11 will take a long time, it depends on many reasons and mainly depending on your device remaining space.

How to downgrade

1.Download available iPSW file which you want to downgrade to it.
Because the iPSW file change so fast, i’ll not list it in case misleading you guys. When you installed please save it to your desktop.
ipsw main interface

2.Launch iTunes and connect your phone to computer via Lightning cable.

3.Click the iPhone logo upper the left corner of iTunes.
little Apple logo

4.Windows: Pressing the Shift Key and choose Restore iPhone button
Mac: Pressing the left Option Key and choose Restore iPhone button

5.Select the downloaded firmware version from desktop then iTunes will verify the update and other process.

Now the whole process has done, you just need to wait patiently. But if you don’t want to waiting for long time, i will recommend an application for you, it named ReiBoot. Only one click you can downgrade to the previous version. Expect this function ReiBoot also can help you fix your iOS system problems with one click. No matter your phone stuck on Apple log or recovery mode etc.

ReiBoot main interface

Calculation: Don’t downgrade your phone unless your phone too old or the memory too small to afford new version. And if you really want to downgrade, you’d better chose third-party Tool, such as ReiBoot.

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