How to recover iPhone lost data without iTunes and iCloud backup

Want to restore iPhone lost data, but there is no backup?

iPhone data loss in daily life is very common. Generally, we will make use of iTunes to restore iPhone data easily! However, iTunes just can help us get back lost iPhone data when backup exist. When there are no backup files or the backup is not what we wantin iTunes or iCloud. In this case, we need to find other way to recover lost data from iPhone without iTunes and iCloud backup.

Is there any way can help us to do iPhone lost data reovery without backup?

iPhone data loss always happen because of accidental deletion, factory resetting, or iOS error,etc. As a common user of iOS device. When I lost any data from iPhone, iTunes is what will come to my mind first to restore data. So, when I can’t get suitable backup file in iTunes, I began find other way can help me restore lost data inclduing contacts, text messages, photos, videos, nots, voice memos, or other apps data from iPhone.

After searching, I found a useful program can work on iPhone data recovery when there is no iTunes or iCloud backup.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery(Win&Mac)-It is a savior for those who lost any data from iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5,iPad Air 2/Air/Mini 3. This is program can find out those deleted, formatted, or removed data from iPhone internal memory. Inclduing contacts, text messages, photos, videos, notes, voice memos,etc, it can recover about 20 types data.


recover iphone lost datsa witout backup

How to use iPhone Data Recovery program to restore iPhone data without backup

This kind of recovery program is very easy to use, only 3 steps, you can finish recovery for iPhone lost data without iTunes or iCloud backup.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 2. Start to Scan iPhone for the Lost Data

Step 3. Preview and Select Lost Files and recoer data.

(Note: this program also can help you recover specific files from iTunes and iCloud backup)

How to Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone 6/6 Plus

Is there any way to retrieve deleted call history on iPhone 6?
All the call lists on my iPhone 6 have been deleted by mistake this morning, now I need to restore my deleted call logs from my iPhone 6 on my Windows 8.1 computer, is there a way to restore? Thanks in advance!

We can find a lot of questions like how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone 6 or photos, text messages, and can see few about the iPhone call history recovery. Then we know that those deleted call lists would be means a lot to you. Don’t be nervous, even if you deleted the call logs, they are actually still exists on one part of the iPhone 6 memory until overwritten by the new files.  Therefore, please follow the iPhone 6 call history tips above to get them back before they are overwritten.

This tool also aviable for other iPhone 6 data recovery like contacts, photos, text messages, notes, Whatsapp files etc.

iPhone 6 call history recovery

iPhone 6 call history recovery

Then, what should we do? The fastest and effective way is to use iPhone 6 data recovery tool developed by Tenorshare.

With this data recovery software for iPhone 6 Plus/6, you can:

  • Recover/view lost or deleted call history on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.
  • Undelete call lists from iTunes backup, iCloud backup or without backup.
  • Save/transfer call logs to Windows/Mac.

First all of, please click here to download the latest 6 iPhone data recovery and install it, run program. (This program is not free, you can scan, preview data free and recover 3 free call lists, and for more you should upgrade it to the paid version.)

Part 1: Retrieve iPhone 6 Call History without Backup

An iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.
USB cable.

We often forgot to create a backup of iPhone, but it doesn’t matter, recovering data from iPhone 6 directly is available now.

Here is how to do it:

  • Connect iPhone with computer and this program will detect the iPhone 6.
  • This tool will begin to scan all the files on iPhone 6, when the scan is over, click “Call History” catalog to view all the call lists.
  • Click those call lists and click “Recover” button to save them on computer.

Part 2: Restore iPhone 6 Call Lists from iTunes Backup File

Those lost call logs have been synced in iTunes backup file and still here.
A computer that has your iTunes backup.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the “iTunes” picture and switch to the iTunes recovery mode. Then you can find all the iTunes backup files on your PC will be presented.
  2. Click the iTunes backup file name which you need to extract calls, and click the “Scan” button.
  3. After the scanning, preview and restore lost calls.

Part 3: Recover Call History on iPhone 6 via iCloud Backup File

Computer that connect with internet.

To extract call logs from iCloud backup, you need to:
Enter the iCloud recovery mode and enter your iCloud account and password to download the iCloud backup file you need.
When the download process is finished, program will start to scan process, and then you can preview and extract any call logs from iCloud.

For a picture step by step guide, please check out How to Recover Call Hisotry from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The Best Data Recovery for Mac – Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery vs. Dr Fone

Something unexpected may happen any time. If you deleted iPhone photos, contacts or other files by mistake, or lost yoru iPhone, iPad, iPod unfortunately. Take it easy, just Google, you will find that many Data Recovery software for iPhone/iPad/iPod will be listed. And the most famous are Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery and Wondershare Dr Fone, this article will give a detailed review on this 2 products.

User Interface

The 2 products have much similar UI, simple and easy to understand, but there are a little bit different:
Scanned data information displayed on Wondershare Dr. Fone more detailed, while conciser on Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery’s.

Best iPhone Data Recovery

Best iPhone Data Recovery

File Types Supported

Dr. Fone support recover 7 types of deleted data directly from iPhone 4S/5, while Tenorshare announces that they can recover 12 types of files for iPhone 5, 4S, etc. See more info from below chart:


Dr Fone


iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone 5/4S

iPhone 4/3GS

iPhone 5/4S

iPhone 4/3GS

Camera Roll






SMS Attachments





Call History




Voice Memos


Safari Bookmark

iPhone Data Recovery Modes

Both Tenorshare and Wondershare support 2 Modes iPhone Data Recovery:

  • If you have backed up your iPhone, select “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File”.
  • If you don’t have backup files, select “Recover Data without Backup”.

Price, Download, and Others

Wondershare Dr Fone

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

Speed Normal 10X Faster
Price $69.95 (Windows)
$99.95 (Mac)
$59.95 (Windows)
$79.95 (Mac)
Download Link Free Trial Free Trial

iTunes Data Recovery – Extract Photos, Contacts, Text Messages from iTunes Backup

Scenarios Where You May Lose Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Data

iTunes data recovery

In order to be more careful and be vigilant with data loss in the future, we need to figure out the large number of reasons that you lost device’s data. You can suffer from data loss due to following reasons:

1. Affection of virus and physical damage of device
2. Anonymous download of unrated backup application
3. Careless synchronization of your device with your PC, Mac or any other web application except with iTunes
4. Continuous rebooting of iPhone, iPad, iPod sometimes causes loss of your precious files
5. Data loss occurs during upgrading iOS software or jailbreak
6. Artificial impertinent operation and accidental deletion
And so on……

Can You Restore Data from iTunes Backup with Zero Quality Loss?

As long as you don’t disable the automatic sync option in iTunes, it will automatically generate a backup for your iOS device when you plug your device into your Mac or PC, and the backup file updates along with your every sync. So it is certainly sure and easy to restore iPhone from iTunes backup. That is, you can recover your iPhone/iPad/iPod data from the recent iTunes backup whenever the data is missing.
However, many users have no idea where the iTunes backup file is located on their computer. Here I give a list of backup location in different OS and iOS.

* Windows XP and the former
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup
*Windows 8/7/Vista
C:\Users\ Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
~/Library (Collection)/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

How to Extract iTunes Backup File? – Using This iTunes Backup Extractor!extract data from itunes backup

Even through you can go to see the iTunes backup file along with the path given in the above, it doesn’t mean that you’ve really got it. In order to protect personal privacy, iTunes backup is saved as .Sqlitedb file which you can’t preview and access. If you want to access it, you may need the proper iTunes backup extractor to extract the backup from the inaccessible file.

I can recommend you a piece of such software – iTunes Data Recovery. It is designed to recover data from iTunes backup file for those unfortunate Apple users who suffer data loss.
What’s more, this iTunes Data Recovery features with humanized and user-friendly interface. No tech-savvy is needed, it is okay even you are a skill idiot, or a totally green 1. Everyone can use it without any hassle.

How to Use iTunes Data Recovery to Restore Your iPhone/iPad/iPod from iTunes Backup?

With iTunes Data Recovery software, now you don’t need to worry about deleting important messages, contacts, loving photos and so on. Needless to be annoyed with the unfortunate data loss due to Apple device stolen, physical broken, water damaged, etc. as well. Only 3 simple steps are needed to operate the great gadget.

Free download the iTunes Data Recovery before moving on. When install it aright on your computer, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Scan iOS device and download the backup file.
iTunes Data Recovery will detect the devices ever synced with this iTunes, select the device according to the name you specify it. Click “Start” to scan.
Step 2: Preview iTunes file before restoration – Select the files you need to restore.
Step 3: Start to extract your data from the backup accordingly by marking the needed ones.

1. Keep in mind to make regular and frequent backup with iTunes for your convenient data recovery with iTunes Data Recovery.
2. The restoration from iTunes backup can only restore the data since your last sync, the new data added after the last backup can’t be recovered. So if you want to recover iDevice without backup or in worse case, you don’t have an iTunes backup, please use iPhone Data Recovery to recover data directly from device. Read this How to Restore iPhone Photos, Contacts, iMessages without iTunes after Factory Restore article to learn the detailed information.
3. If you are running Mac OS X, here is iTunes Data Recovery for Mac.

iPod Data Recovery – Two Methods to Recover Data from iPod with Ease

You may be one of millions of iPod users that enjoy music by using iPod at some moments. I’m sure that you have thousands of songs and videos on your iPod. iPod make it easy to put all your media files on one handy device and then play them anywhere you want. Problem comes when your iPod doesn’t work, and takes all your data on it. Since it can take weeks or months to transfer all your files to the iPod again, giving up and starting over usually is not an option. You’re in luck, there are two ways to recover data from iPod.

If you are used to buy music and videos from iTunes store, iPod data recovery is a simpler task. However, this way will not be able to get back any things that were not purchased or downloaded from Apple store. This way works not only for iPod but also iPod Touch.
Step 1.  Connect the iPod to your computer (the one your have synced your devices into) via USB cables and open iTunes.
Step 2. If iTunes prompted to sync the device, click “No” or hold down “Shift + CTRL” (if you are on a Mac machine). What will happen if sync your iPod? your iPod data may be overwriten and can’t be recovered which you don’t want it happen.
Step 3. Make sure that your computer is authorized. Go to iTunes Store and select “Authorize Computer” option.  Enter your iTunes account user name and password at the prompt.
Step 4. In iTunes, go to “File” and select “Transfer Purchases”. Choose the same option in the popup. Then iTunes will transfer all your purchases on the iPod back.
iPod Data RecoveryIf you have tried the above way and believe that some iPod data are still missing, there are some iPod data recovery software that can help you get your lost music, videos and so on back. However, seldom software works for iPod Touch since it cannot be mounted as a drive on your computer. Then Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery may be the best option for you. It works for iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod classic and also iPod Touch.

Here is easy guide for how to use this iPod data recovery software to recover data from iPod.
Step 1. Do not connect or sync your iPod with iTunes before data recovery for iPod. Launch Tenorshare iPod Data Recovery (from and choose the backup file of your iPod.
Step 2. Go to “Start Scan”, and move on.
Step 3. After the scanning, all the content in the previous backup file will be extracted. Hit on the “Recover” to get all your files back.
Step 4. One last thing you need to do is to set a target folder to “Save” them onto yoru computer. Now, everything is done here.

See, it is just a piece of cafe to recover data from iPod after data loss strikes.

Step-by-step Solution to Restore iPod Data You Lost by Somehow

“Restore ipod itouch files?
My own ipod is messed upward and they apple store told me personally to bring back my ipod. just to make sure, will my songs on my ipod device be removed or will ALL my personal songs on my pc be removed too? Easily restore that, the songs from the particular library can nonetheless be recovered through any computer software? Is this possible? ”

iTunes restoration process will be the ONE In support of thing that can be done at the place to find fix ipod device. When that particular issue happends (the inability restore this with apple itunes) there’s absolutely nothing much you can do but have it service at your local Apple Store.

What’s much more, after a person restore iPod, all important computer data including tunes, audio documents, pictures, video tutorials on your iPod devices like ipod itouch, iPod Vintage, iPod Ipod nano, iPod Shuffle and ipod device Mini will all be erased right away. What if you do not wanna drop your iPod data? Is it possible to restore ipod device data an individual lost as a result of restoring this into factory settings? Sure, of training course you may!

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is a form of iPod data recovery software that is the greatest assistan to help you recover ipod touch lost data that has been deleted mistakenly or misplaced by iPod restore. It will be popular on the web.
itunes data recoveryI have tried personally Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery, I’m said it proudly that it worked exemely perfect.
Here I show how this recovery software works to restore iPod data.
Step 1: Downloaded Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery from, and launched it on a mac machine.
Step 2: Opened this program after installing. You can see the iPod devices and your other Apple products if you have listed on the interface. Choose your iPod to “Start Scan”.
Step 3: Find the partition which I lost photos, click “Scan”, then every one of the deleted photos out there.
Step 4: Select deleted files folder in the files list, check files inside the task list window and click “Recover” to get started on Recovery.

The method above also work on restore iPhone and iPad data from backup file on iTunes. With this iPod recovery software, all your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS messages, notes and other files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod can be got back imediately with a few mouse clicks on your computer!

iPod Touch Recovery – When Data Your iPod Touch is Erased,Deleted or Something

Scen one. How to recover iPod Touch music I deleted by mistake?
I had been trying to obtain everything synced on to tunes and i accidentally clicked on the delete button and all sorts of my photographs and songs were removed how should i get rid of it.

Scen two. What can I do to recover music files from ipod touch?
I merely lost all my data on my iPod Touch? and i have like 2000 songs and that i do not need to obtain and grab 2000 songs again ):
please help. by just how its with regard to windows.

You could ever accidentally deleted music from the iPod Touch. Or you just have to restore the iPod Touch due to some reasons like software corruption, white display screen, etc. and many types of your audio or videos files have left.iPod Touch Data RecoveryiPod Touch recovery tool like Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is a free of charge trial version which enables you to scan your iPod Touch for dropped files and preview all of them at no cost. If your own files are located and recoverable, Just THEN in the event you proceed to register the computer software and for a small fee ($39) so that you can recover iPod Touch files that you really want to get back. It is NOT freeware. If the program does not suit you, then go elsewhere. Seriously hope you can recover iPod Touch data anyway. (You can get it from

See this easy guide with regard to iPod Touch data recovery.
Step 1. I saved this iPod Touch data restoration software on my personal computer and lauched this.
Step 2. Selected “iTunes Data Recovery”. All backup files regarding my iOS devices were listed on the interface. Outlined my iPod Touch and clicked “Scan” to start.
Step 3. The scanned end result separately has been listed inside categories which includes Contacts, Videos, Music, Information and Photos, etc. We previewed the actual photos and also ticked the ones I wish to recover. Ticked the things I need to get bcak to carry on.
Step 4. Clicked “Recover” in the very best of the particular interface to take the iPod Touch data recovery process.
Step 5. I established a vacation spot floder to save lots of all my own stuff.

Are you currently just struggling of data loss in your iPod Touch? Just take action to retrieve music deleted or lost on iPod Touch in the aforementioned way! By incorporating mouse keys to press, you are carried out for iPod Touch recovery!

Straightforward Solution to Recover Deleted Photos from iPod Touch

How can I recover deleted photos from iPod Touch just after a few days ago?
I hooked my iPod touch to my computer, and copied all the photos of it. But stupidly, while they were pasting onto my computer from my iPod, i clicked delete, so they all deleted. i didn’t realise they needed to be on the iPod until they finished pasting. they were really great photos and i’d love to get them back if i could. is there a way i can recover deleted iPod Touch photos?

Don’t press the red button so soon if you come across such data loss on your iPod Touch. Here are 2 methods to retrieve deleted photos from iPod Touch. According to your cases, you may choose the most suitable one to get your pictures back!

I: Recover deleted photos from iPod Touch from a backup file on your iTunes
Step 1, Connect your iPod Touch with iTunes ( if you didn’t set it to automatically connected before ).
Step 2, Make backup for all files on the iPod Touch first. Right click on your iPod Touch under all Apple devices and click “Back Up”.
Step 3, To restore from a previous backup, right click on yoru iPod Touch under Devices in iTUnes and click “Restore from Backup”.
Step 4, You can then choose which iPod Touch backup file you want to restore from.
Totally awesome that iTunes offers us iPhone, iPod and iPad users recent backup point to restore lost or deleted data.
iPod Touch Data RecoveryII: Retrieve deleted photos from iPod Touch by using iPod Touch photo recovery software
What will happen if you are not clever enough to backup your iPod Touch to prevent all photos on it from losing? Your best bet is to find out whether you have sync the iPod Touch with iTunes before data loss. Only if you have do that, you can get the deleted or lost photos back with some kind of iPod Touch data recovery software. In this case, I had recover deleted photos from my iPod Touch by using Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery (By the way, you can download it from It features a user-friendly interface that make it easy-to-use. With a few mouse clicks, I got all my family pictures back! Oh, yep, don’t expect to get back deleted photos from iPod Touch for free! Like do not expect to get a free application from Apple Store.

See, lost photos on ipod touch won’t be a nightmare! The photos that have your memorable time on will never be gone like that! So, enjoy your iPod Touch with no worry at all!

iPod Recovery – How do You Recover iPod Data You Lost Somehow?

“My ipod isnt working, but wenever it comes on , the screen says “restore iPod using itunes”, but when i try to restore it ,it says theres an error. does anyone kno a way to fix this or a diffrent way to restore it? i have the ipod classic 5th generation.”

iTunes restoration process is the ONE AND ONLY thing you can do at home to fix iPod. When that particular issue happends (not being able to restore it with iTunes) there’s nothing much you can do but have it service at your local Apple Service Shop.

What’s more, after you restore iPod, all your data including songs, audio files, pictures, videos on your iPod devices like iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Mini will all be erased immediately. What if you don’t wanna lose your iPod data? Can you restore iPod data you lost due to restoring it into factory settings? Yes, of course you can!
ipod data recoveryTenorshare iPod Recovery is a kind of iPod data recovery software that is the best assistan to help you recover iPod lost data that was deleted accidently or lost by iPod restore. It is popular on the internet. You can get it from it’s official website:

Here is easy guide for how to use this iPod data recovery software to recover data from iPod.
Step 1. Do not connect or sync your iPod with iTunes before data recovery for iPod. Launch Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery and choose the backup file of your iPod.
Step 2. Go to “Start Scan”, and move on.
Step 3. After the scanning, all the content in the previous backup file will be extracted. Hit on the “Recover” to get all your files back.
Step 4. One last thing you need to do is to set a target folder to “Save” them onto yoru computer. Now, everything is done here.

That what I did and hope that my experience may help you recover iPod data you lost or deleted. Thanks for reading!