How to Delete Cookies on iPhone 6

We have too much privacy in iPhone cookies. Sometimes, we want to delete the cookies in the iPhone to prevent our privacy be seen. Here, I will show you 2 ways to delete cookies on iphone 6.

Way 1: You Can Delete Cookies on iPhone 6 with iPhone Care Pro

iPhone care pro is the most professional tool to clear up junk files and private data from iphone/iPad/iPod touch. After your iPhone data cleaned up, your iPhone will run faster and your iPhone performance will be improved more.
Below, I will tell you how to use iPhone care pro to deleted cookies on iPhone 6 in detail.

Step 1: Download the software and get started with deep clean
Download the iPhone care pro software free to your PC and launch it after installation. Then connect your iPhone 6 to PC, click on “Speedup & Clean” and select “Deep Clean” mode.

 clear up junk files and private data from iphone/ iPad and/iPod touch

Step 2: Scan the files you want to remove
After step 1, you’ll get a list of files displayed in the primary interface as the picture below.Slide the button beside the “Safari Cookies” and “Browsing History” to ON and click “Scan Now” to proceed.

how to delete cookies on iphone 6

Step 3: Clean Safari cookies and search history
After scanning, click “Clean Now” button on the pop-up window to delete cookies on your iPhone 6.
Tips: In addition to this function(Speedup and Clean),iPhone care pro also can help you :
1) Backup&Restore iPhone contacts, notes, photos, music, and more.
2) Remove Ads on iDevices.
3) Fix Stuck iOS(fix iPhone stuck in apple logo/endless reboots/recovery mode/DFU mode)
4) Repair Operating System.

Way 2: You Can manually clear cookies in iPhone Safari

1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
2. Tap Safari.
3. Tap Clear History and Website Data to confirm.
Then, the browser cookies will be deleted.

Hope the two ways can give you help. And if you want to recover lost data from iPhone after update to iOS 9 , you can find ways to recover in the homepage<<<<